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Karlsbad Folklore Festival

14th Karlsbad Folklore Festival

3 to 6 September 2009, Karlovy Vary


The folklore festival of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) offers and unusual combination of the beauty of an art nouveau spa town with the beauty of folk costumes, music, and dancing. The festival has become a great favorite with everybody: Karlsbaders, spa guests and tourists, as wll as domestic and foreign performers. Folklore ensembles from 25 countries of the five continents and about 50 domestic ensembles have already taken part in the festival. The event is inaugurated on Thursday with the so-called Festival Eve in Jáchymov spa. Then from Friday to Sunday there is dancing in the whole town of Karlsbad: on the spa collonades, on the stage in front of the Pupp Grandhotel, and in the Handicraft Fair, which is invariably part of the festival. The Saturday costumed parade is an invitation to the evening gala show in the Grand Hall of the Thermal hotel. There are thematic programs in the historical Poštovní Dvůr (Post Yard), in the beautiful Zlatý Klíč (Golden Key) museum, and on Sunday also in the open-air amphitheater below the Loket castle. The festival is organized by the local ensemble of folk songs and dances Dyleň (the name of the highest mountain of the Czech Forest).

More information at www.dylen.cz.  







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